Unveiling Shiva facts (100 words) - 1

As per Hindu mythology scriptures Lord Shiva and Parvati have two sons Ganesha And Kartikeya,but they have a daughter also, namedAshoka Sundari.It is said that one day Shiva and Parvati came to know there is a tree known as Kalpavriksha which fulfills the wishes. Parvati used to feel lonely because Shiva always remain out to kill demons,so Parvati demanded daughter from the tree.As her wish was granted, a daughter was born.

The word Ashoka means without sorrow and because she got rid of Parvati’s sorrow,also she was very beautiful-Sundari,she named like that.

“My reflection on life”

It’s raining…
Falling drops on grass and crops
Standing still trees, in little troops

Mute nature like ‘solace in solitude’
Chanting birds, works as a lude

Quiet ambience and blank mind
Moving leaves, but still mind

Thinking to raise my voice….and make some noise,
 let’s make some noise!!!

Value of being "VALUED"


"Memory loss for relationships"

Gary bought bus ticket and sat on the vacant seat near the man they both exchange smiles the man sitting near Gary said, hey how are you i always see you in the bus on weekends from near one year, to which Gary replied yes i travel on saturday and comes back on monday morning, what is your name gentleman and why you travel in every weekend? he said my name is Frank and i work in this city and travel's in weekend to catch up my family.

Frank took the conversation ahead and ask to Gary you seem old and weak, you didn't get tired off from journey as you have not missed single weekend and travel regularly.Gary said i have a sick relative there to take care so i have to visit in my sickness or health anyway, Frank said well man you are very caring person must say and seems you give priority to your near and dear ones more than self, appreciated ! to which Gary gave death stare to him for a moment and said in my 55 years of life nobody had given me such kind of compliment, and afte…

"Flow with the tide"


Over a cup of tea